Agasthyar, the great Dravidian guru who is believed to be the father of Siddha Vaidyam. With an history of over 7000 years, Siddha vaidyam understands health and wellness at the subatomic level. The word Siddha comes from chitta, which is roughly translated as a subatomic particle in modern terms. Chitta is considered as the fundamental building block of the universe as well as consciousness. Vaidyam denotes a medical science.

Consequently, Siddha Vaidya can be translated as the ancient science of subatomic medicine. Siddha Vaidyam can be defined as a comprehensive and scientific system of medicine which accurately diagnose all types of human ailments by gauging the pulses of dasa nadis (ten principal nerves) and curing the diseases by administering a wide range of elixir like medicines prepared out of medicinal plants, herbs and other ingredients.

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